Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★★½

Despite it's complications and questionable casting choices (*ahem*), I find this film incredibly moving and compelling.

Christian Bale is great as Moses. He really sinks his teeth into the role and I believe his emotional journey. Joel Edgerton as Ramses II is very good and the story of the two brothers is complicated and dramatic.

Many of the secondary characters are big names with not much to do and are roles that could have been easily portrayed by a more diverse cast. (The leads could have been too, by the way.) Scott mostly got away without much push back for his choices in 2014. Today, it would cause an uproar, and rightly so.

I have seen it pointed out "the child" is named after an angel, a messenger of God - I like that interpretation and it doesn't bother me. It feels like small details like this were used to stir up controversy in media to hurt the film like a few others in recent years, First Man being one (the flag), and that the noise has subsequently died down. No disrespect if this or other plot points bother you - I just see this as a story and am not personally invested in exact biblical or historical accuracy for example.

Ridley Scott has crafted a well told and dynamic epic with his technical and visual expertise on full display. Stunning shots abound and the plague depictions are appropriately disturbing. The duly anticipated parting of the Red Sea is impressive.

A grand, stunning adventure with on a scale we so rarely see anymore.

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