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  • Wild at Heart
  • Cemetery Man
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock
  • Intimate Stranger

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  • Top Gun: Maverick


  • Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story


  • Friday the 13th


  • The Trial of Jeffrey Dahmer

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  • Falling For You

    Falling For You


    Punk night clubs, foggy Manhattan streets, and a crazed serial killer with a kink for throwing blonde women out of highrise windows set the tone in this 90s made-for-tv thriller. Jennie Garth fits the killer’s type and the two strike up a romance.. but we know he’s up to! From there we’re treated to a few enjoyable, if not predictable, twists along the way. They even land Billy Dee Williams in a role as a detective who takes up the…

  • I Can Make You Love Me

    I Can Make You Love Me


    I can’t make you love me, but I will make you love Stalking Laura!

    As most people who know me are aware, I’m always down for a trashy obsessive romance story, so Stalking Laura caught my eye right away. But I actually wasn’t prepared for how much I would be invested in this! Generally these true crime thrillers attempt to glamorize the suspects or humanize them, making them appear charismatic and appealing. This one lets you know Rich Farley is…

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  • Stalker: Shadow of Obsession

    Stalker: Shadow of Obsession


    Through seven years and six cities he stalked her... endlessly...

    Professor Rebecca Kendall has been tormented by an unstable student for years. She’s relocated, stepped up her home security, and even tried bringing charges against him but nothing sticks. Eventually he winds up supposedly dead and she finds herself on trial for his murder. Is this all part of a master plan to leave her vulnerable as everyone turns their back on her? A standard predictable tv thriller with some tense moments, but otherwise pretty forgettable. Aired on NBC 1994.Β 

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  • Adrienne



    Overall, this is a beautiful tribute to the late Adrienne Shelly and a portrait of grief of those affected by her tragic and sudden death. The memories and thoughts shared among Adrienne’s family, friends, and colleagues leave a strong impression of the heartbreak they’re dealing with many years after her murder. There’s a jarring shift of tone every time her killer is mentioned, and his inclusion invokes a dark cloud over an otherwise touching collection of stories about her life and accomplishments.Β 

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Popular reviews

  • Intimate Stranger

    Intimate Stranger


    Wow, this movie hit all the right notes for me, so glad I finally caught this one! Sometimes a little digging pays off when it comes to these sleazy made for cable tv features.Β 

    Debbie Harry is Cory Wheeler, a chain-smoking lounge singer with a real eye for interior design (she’s got a pretty dope apartment). But at night she is Angel, a part-time phone sex operator who goes full-time detective when she receives an ominous phone call one night.…

  • Deadly Vows

    Deadly Vows


    This was actually pretty tough to sit through. Not because it’s bad, but because Gerald McRaney portrays one of the sleaziest, most loathsome psychopaths ever put to film and does such a convincing job. I was squirming out of my seat with anger and disgust the entire timeee, and to make it even more difficult, the victim of his gaslighting and abuse is portrayed by the late sweet Peggy Lipton. These lifetime dramas always sit different when they’re based on…