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  • Open Your Eyes

    Open Your Eyes

    Struggling to get a new script completed, a writers' attempts to get started are interrupted by a series of incidents around him that begin to affect his mental state to the point of paranoia, and when a potential romance with a neighbor only increases everything he tries to save his sanity.

    This one was a rather troubling genre effort. This one tends to waste way too much time for the most part on an uninteresting set up in the first…

  • Charlotte's Net: REDACTED

    Charlotte's Net: REDACTED


    After looking into how to go online, a kid and his friend find a series of dark and disturbing visuals about human nature.

    This was a rather tough and disturbing genre effort. The very nature of the lips being show, ranging from gang beatdowns, live mutilations and dismemberments, executions, and accidents that reveal brutal and obscene acts from various sources reveal a highly uncomfortable experience. The fact that it’s taken from documentary footage leads a realism to the material that…

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  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead


    RIP Mr. Romero, thanks for everything.

  • Apt Pupil

    Apt Pupil


    A somewhat decent and mildly engaging drama that does have a rather potent plot at its core. Some of the stories told here are incredibly chilling and the memorable scene of Dussender in Nazi regalia imagining the past where his personality snaps back to the person capable of ordering concentration camp personnel to gas hundreds of Jews stands out in stark contrast to the rest of the movie. There are some plotholes throughout here (a high school student finds out…