Venom ★★★

Isn't it kinda weird that two movies were released in 2018 with a similar theme and with each starring a guy that looks like the other?

That other movie is Upgrade with Logan Marshall-Green, which, on a much smaller budget and a lack of A-list stars, achieved the better and more grounded movie.

But Venom is not all bad.
Despite its cliché mad scientist villain, shoddy CGI during heavy action scenes, poor writing fit for a young audience, over the top nonsense and clunky delivery overall (there's some good stuff too, wait!) it was also somewhat cool, fun and funny; for I laughed out loud at one point and chuckled at another scene, which is very rare, and these days, only Tony Shalhoub as Abe Weissman on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel series can guarantee a laugh out of me on a consistent basis. So I guess what I'm trying to say is; if Venom made me laugh, even just the once, it gets a whole star.
But all this is thanks to Tom Hardy alone.
In Locke he played a guy in a car talking on the phone for 80mins, and that was so good.
So Tom Hardy talking to a monster in his head, being erratic and jumping into lobster tanks in fancy restaurants and eating live lobsters is something I'd be happy to watch more of.
No mad scientists and other alien entities or goons chasing him in cars. Just Tom.

*And I'm sorry Michelle Williams, you were lovely and smiled a lot and radiated with happy times for the most part, which is always nice to see when you're not doing serious, but they wrote your character like something out of a Spiderman cartoon. Shame on them.

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