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  • The Rental

    The Rental


    There's something a little sinister afoot concerning the weekend get-away house our two couples end up staying at, but I was much more interested in the coupling drama of secrets between them.
    It's not entirely related but it reminded me when we had some friends over recently, where the conversations weren't that engaging for me personally, so I jumped at the chance to go put our son to sleep in order to get away from playing host for a bit.…

  • Brazil


    I don't get the obsession with aspiring to have all pubic hair removed, like it's a must or a necessity. Every once in a while, sure, but as a permanent fixture?

    I will never relate to guys that feign to be repulsed of a woman's bush - maybe they find it intimidating, or a thing of unimaginable terror. Which is an extreme supposition layered in hypocrisy. Because most men don't take the same stance when it comes to their own…

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  • Halloween



    It may be Halloween and all, but I was still reluctant on (finally) checking out the ol' classic knife-wielding MacDaddy that is Michael Myers.
    It's worth mentioning that I'm not a fan of slasher flicks, despite riding the midnight slasher train throughout the '80s and '90s with the Kruegers and the Jasons and the Scream guys.
    But there's only so much can you really do with the 'maniac on the loose' concept before it starts to get repetitive. Entertain me…

  • Squid Game

    Squid Game


    There's been a lot of fuss over South Korea's Squid Game.
    I can't say it's the most engrossing thing I've ever seen - the consistent melodrama was overdone for my tastes, along with some of the characters showcasing some very over-the-top performances that would have been laughable if it weren't so grim. And so much of its premise conveniently veered to satisfy its narrative however possible.

    It plays every textbook rule to make you loathe who you're supposed to loathe,…

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  • Candyman



    1990s Week - Movie #2

    Having never watched the original Candyman, I thought now's a good time as any, since a remake/reboot's been unleashed (which I will surely end up watching as well some day, if only so the cool kids don't exclude me).
    Over the years, I somehow missed the part that it was inspired by a Clive Barker short story, and had I known this in the early days, I would've been all the more intrigued to check it…

  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear


    1990s Week 2 - Movie #10

    As someone who loves film, I should have been ashamed to admit that I'd never seen Cape Fear up until now.
    Not because it's a Scorsese film or that it's regarded as a '90s classic, but because De Niro is truly on fire here, marking it as one of his most memorable and fearsome roles to date.
    I'm so used to a serious and mature De Niro, or his grumpy cynical side. Even from…