Halloween ★★★★★

I so badly wish I was a child again. Getting excited to get dressed up on October 31 and go around the neighborhood asking random people I've never met for candy that would eventually give me a sugar-induced coma mere hours later.

I was three years old when I first saw this masterpiece. My mom had this playing in the background while the family was playing Monopoly. I looked over at the TV at the scene where Michael is chasing Laurie across the street and — in a sudden state of terror — dove under the table crying and latching my arms around my mom's leg.

John Carpenter's Halloween is the film that single-handedly ignited my love for the horror genre and just film in general. The way John Carpenter revolutionized the genre with this 90-minute indie feature is just absolutely outstanding and it's very easy to see why it had such an impact on the genre.

There's a lot of debate within myself, trying to figure out if I like Midsommar or this more. Obviously, for nostalgic reasons, I'd say Halloween, but also I find both to be absolute masterpieces — some of the greatest of the greatest. While Midsommar is extremely layered, Halloween seems to be very up-front with very little to unravel. While it definitely varies on the day, I'd definitely have to say that both get the crown for my favorite movie of all time.

Thank you, John Carpenter. You have changed my life. Without you and without this film, I wouldn't be going down the path I am today, and I am eternally grateful.

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