Cohen Edenfield

Cohen Edenfield

My parents played too much R.E.M. when I was a kid and now I am this way

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  • The Queen's Gambit

    The Queen's Gambit

    Love to see a sharp lass having a laugh with her mates

  • A Muppet Family Christmas

    A Muppet Family Christmas

    Easing back into full-on Christmas movies. No more of this incidental shit! I’m losing focus! I have ADHD like snakes have cold blood.


    It’s hard to believe how big a deal the Muppets used to be. The late-70s to mid-80s, when this aired, was definitely their heyday, as evidenced by the fact that there were three concurrently-running Muppet-related properties--The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock--all on different networks, aimed at different audiences. I think maybe Muppet…

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  • The Passion of the Christ

    The Passion of the Christ

    this guy got his ass beat so bad we're still talking about it 2020 years later. press F

  • Logan's Run

    Logan's Run

    Rented this in like 2004 and immediately lost it. Didn't pay for it, just never went back to that video store. This was a constant issue for me in my teens. However, there were like 15 video rental places in my hometown so I'd just start going to another one until I fucked up again. They all kept the late fees meter running indefinitely, and at my peak I owed them all something like five or six thousand dollars in…