Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

Because every generation needs their own Clue!

Seriously, if Rian Johnson is still a "bad director" because he "ruined your childhood and your space wizard fantasy movie" after this, you wear footie pajamas and I will bully you.

This film is such a well constructed take on the mystery whodunit genre of storytelling. At times even framed in an intriguing satirical light given the story set up and characters. It's a always entertaining weaving web of mystery. A compelling big cast ensemble with characterizations making them all funny and memorable throughout. All while keeping you wondering who did what and how and how they could be the culprit. And when it unwinds, it all connects perfectly like a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.

The script also allows for some quippy fun dialogue and back and forths with it's cast. Some of the jokes and dialogue due reside on the corny side but it works well with the characters it comes from. But also manages to balance out and satirize the mystery murder trappings to make it all a concise, compelling, and all brought together wonderfully. Even with a side of some commentary to make it's story have a nice message along with it's detective thrills.

Believe the hype for this one! It earns every red cent of it.

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