Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★½

Edgar Wright’s new movie is a stylish horror story that looks and sounds great. Thomasin McKenzie adds another top-notch performance to her CV as the naïve student at a London fashion college. It’s a fairly standard is-she-mad-or-is-she-haunted plot with Anya Taylor-Joy looking the part as the 60s starlet who wants to make it as the next Cilla Black.

The photography tricks switching McKenzie and Taylor-Joy are seamless as the 60’s world encroaches into the modern day and these effects provide the film with much of its momentum.

I found it to be a hugely enjoyable watch, even if, on reflection, many of the characters are thinly developed stereotypes and there’s a fair bit of repetition of some of the incidents that move the plot forward. However, that’s nit-picking and doesn’t undermine what is a super fun ride, though I imagine some people will not find this to their taste, particularly if they’re expecting a horror/comedy along the lines of Sean of the Dead.

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