• The Plague Dogs

    The Plague Dogs


    I already follow a vegan diet but this movie made me want to follow a super-vegan diet.

  • Showgirls



    The two women talking about eating dog food as a bonding point for their characters is one of the funniest bits of dialogue I’ve ever heard.

    Here is a clip of it - youtu.be/V6kVZ5B9uV0

  • Still the Beaver

    Still the Beaver


    One of those ‘who is this for’ films. 

    Tonally weird.

    The characters are one dimensional cartoons but they are dealing with a divorce and trying to have kids and dealing with themselves as the grown-ups in a world where they have always and only been children. 

    Also, another oddity, the first third of the movie has a banging soundtrack that completely drops off and becomes sitcom incidental music.

    The first three songs are Long WayHome, At the Zoo and The Logical Song.

    This is the version I watched - youtu.be/8zOKThV9KZI

  • Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather


    If you get to the part when Fats Waller comes on the scene and you don’t find you’ve got a big goofball smile on your face then you are probably not going to be a lot of fun at a sleepover.

    With that said, this was an interesting essay - www.mirrorfilm.org/2010/10/18/race-in-film-stormy-weather/

  • The Green Fog

    The Green Fog


    It’s three and a half stars for me, but a star is added for some really funny moments throughout (especially the two stunt women trading places and the Invasion of the Body Snatchers moment) and the random NSync music.

  • Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc

    Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc


    I cannot tell if this is a three and a half star film or a four and a half star film.

    I keep bouncing back and forth between ‘I kind of liked it’ and ‘I think I might love it.’

  • Despair



    “Tomorrow is another day.”
    “Tomorrow is the same day in my experience.” 

    There is a scene where a man explains how the Nationalist-Socialist party in 1930’s Germany is neither socialist nor nationalist, and a pale faced person stuffing their face with chocolate simply says, ‘That’s stupid.’ That’s about fucking right, that’s the world we’re in now (and probably always have been in), it’s frustrating to be in a world of pale faced people stuffing their faces with chocolate and not…

  • Grand Hotel

    Grand Hotel


    “You plague and bother and save and, all of a sudden, you’re dead.”

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Immediate spoilers - 

    There is no way to read the final scene where Ross pays ‘the weird sister’ money that works for me. In fact, I like the actor but this version of Ross is vaguely a noir-character and a noir-character has his plot and a noir plot interwoven the way this plot with Ross is interwoven with Shakespeare feels sort of simple and boring, and for my money takes the magic and poetry out of the play Macbeth. To…

  • The Unbelievable Truth

    The Unbelievable Truth


    I always admire anyone who gets their shit together and makes a film. I admire anyone who finishes a script.

    But I don’t like these sort of talky college-brained movies from the late eighties and early nineties. The precursor to mumblecore except lacking any curiosity about how humans interact, more like ‘I read a philosophy book on how humans are and that’s that.’ These films often have overwritten dialogue that is on the verge of being so silly that it’s fun, but ultimately teeters more towards just being insufferable and not at all as clever as it thinks it is. 

    I watched this version - youtu.be/2bVXD-esIbM

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    A film of external representations of the unspoken feelings of these two characters’ and how they feel about one another.

    The weird and beautiful chemistry of the leads was dreamy.

    And, sidenote, I hate Bradley Cooper. Not for any knowable reasons, it’s some lizard brain reaction to him that is beyond me, but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t completely won over by his performance in this film. “Do you like peanut butter sandwiches?”

  • The Tragedy of Hamlet

    The Tragedy of Hamlet


    I watched this version - youtu.be/84bAaCjSlLA

    This made some very clever changes that would have never occurred to me.

    This was a good intellectual exercise but it was so damn muted that I had a hard time really investing into the actors. I’m not sure what the thinking there was.