Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★½

It seems to have become pretty fashionable to knock this film these days, and while it is a massive step down from the virtually perfect Raiders of the Lost Ark, it is still a lot of fun and very entertaining.

The movie does arguably peak with the opening scene which is fantastic, with a superb song and dance routine and James Bond-esque action sequence. 

Of course, the movie has some issues, not least it’s depiction of several ethnicities & minorities, and a ridiculous and asinine scene trashing the culinary reputation of the country that invented what is arguably the greatest food in the world.

It is also a slightly strange choice to go from having a female character who could give Indiana Jones a run for his money in Raiders to a hapless and helpless Willie Scott in this. 

It’s pretty amazing it got a PG certificate and it certainly leans hard into the creepiness and horror in a very effective way.

It is shot very well and it looks really good most of the time. The Temple of Doom set is terrific and those scenes are nicely realised.

It cracks along at a decent tempo, and I really enjoyed this rewatch.

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