The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

Hamlet and Valhalla Rising very much on the tip of my tongue here, one for the epic revenge saga of an orphaned son of a king (along with many other plot points) and the other for the bloodlust and hallucinatory filming. Eggers’ latest film is by far his most outward reaching and at the same time his easiest to grasp. The pieces fit together nicely to form a gory tapestry and puts it on display. 

Acting is generally great here, multiple standouts across the board, in particular Skarsgård and Dafoe who steals every scene. Its surprisingly not the only movie i saw this year where people act like wolves, (or the only film set in pastoral Iceland) but it is by far the best.. The camerawork is quite adept, mixing long takes for maximum effect with expertly composed midrange close ups and some barely lit night shots that instill dread. 

I enjoyed this movie a lot, and would stack rank it near the other sword/shield movie from last year The Green Knight, though in terms of sheer violent spectacle, this one swings much harder and louder. 


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