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  • Unhinged



    Unhinged (2020), available for free on Prime Video at the time of this review, was well-worth the 90 minute runtime.

    While the movie was made up of archetypical characters, it was an absolute panic-inducing cat-and-mouse chase up to the very end--and a satisfying ending at that.

    Russell Crowe plays just the type of person I try and avoid on the highway: large, disheveled, angry men, who drive pick-up trucks with loud exhaust, and probably voted the exact opposite as me.…

  • The Ghastly Ones

    The Ghastly Ones

    Having just received The Dungeon of Andy Milligan set from Severin, I popped in disc one, The Ghastly Ones--my first Milligan film.

    I'd been aware of Andy Milligan for a few years prior. Being a Garagehouse Pictures completist, I own the two releases of his from them; as well as Seeds/Vapors from Vinegar Syndrome after Brian Saur had kind things to say about the double feature. But, I hadn't actually watched any of his films yet.

    The Ghastly Ones started…