Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

a lot of this looks rly fucking cool, but i can't get over how terrible marvel is at writing women. wanda is the second prominent woman in the mcu whose main dilemma is her inability to have children / longing for another life where she has them. this is a valid struggle that impacts countless of women, but its inclusion here feels lazy. marvel simply can't conceive any other defining struggle for a woman; clearIy the sole aspiration of any woman is to be a mother. wanda's overall treatment in these movies has also been especially unfair. we learn that her entire city got bombed (?) using tony stark's tech in age of ultron. she spent days thinking she would die only to survive and spend the rest of her life being experimented on. she loses her brother, loses the love of her life, and is now taunted by an alternate universe where she actually has a loving family. i don't understand torturing her to this extent. she doesn't even get a second chance, she just sacrifices herself for the betterment of EVERY FUCKING UNIVERSE?? the complete lack of catharsis in her arc is insane. wanda's character feels like an exercise in sadism by whoever tf is writing these films. doctor strange (2022) should have embraced the silly action / horror / absurdity of its plot instead of going on a misogynistic tangent.

edit/note: frustrating how undercooked the multiverse stuff is. have no idea why dr strange would be "master of the mystic arts" in every universe, or have met / fallen in love with christine in every fkn universe. creatively bankrupt writing.

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