Go! ★★

One part Karate Kid. One part 'lets cash in on some 90s style nostalgia'. One part weird ghost car story that mimics an old tale of someone finding a ghost of their dad on their time trial of a game. It is an utter mess, makes no real sense and is full of terrible dialogue. They even reference how the old racer is a really crap MR Miyagi. The go-kart sequences seem like they want to speed up/down like a music video which is jarring too so you don't really see the action.
Drinking game: If our lead is so fast, why is he always qualifying and starting at the back to make him overtake everyone again? He'd be shit at Superpole!
Bottom line: Cringefest and forgettable even if the lead does wear a Senna-esque tribute leathers and helmet.