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  • The Apartment
  • In & Out
  • Midnight Run
  • Nine to Five

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  • Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

  • The Eagle Has Landed

  • College

  • Silver Bears

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  • Midnight Run

    Midnight Run


    Pretty gay to be an accountant tbh. What are you counting, other guys?

  • The Great Muppet Caper

    The Great Muppet Caper


    Not to be unhinged on main but Nicky Holiday could [REDACTED]...all I’m saying is [FOGHORN NOISE]...and I would- [A SINGLE GUNSHOT RINGS OUT]

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  • Stanley & Iris

    Stanley & Iris


    WARNING: This film is TOO tender and I am TOO soft

  • Post Grad

    Post Grad


    Made me so mad I applied for like ten jobs while I watched. Don’t watch if you’re an unemployed English major, will make you furious.