The Conjuring

The Conjuring ★★★★½

I'm always surprised whenever I like modern horror films (or any modern films, for that matter), but I would definitely peg this as a modern day classic along the lines of The Exorcist or The Changeling (although not on par with either of those). More based around the old fashioned slow burn technique of creating atmosphere (including sound design). However, I did have two quibbles:

I don't know much about the real life Ed Warren, but Warren in the film (Patrick Wilson) comes off as unlikable and bitter in many scenes. I'm not sure why, but I kept thinking, 'what is this guy's problem?'

The last half hour, while harrowing (including a surprising performance by Lili Taylor) starts lapsing into CGI-ville, while the very last scene dives headlong into feel-good territory, with a typically fluffy Hollywood ending, replete with swooning strings. I guess I prefer my horror films to have either bleak or open ended conclusions, but even if things do work out, I shouldn't feel like I'm watching an ABC Afterschool Special.

Minor quibbles, though. This is definitely worth watching. Another surprisingly great horror film from James Wan.

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