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  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Shiva Baby
  • The Matrix
  • Cabaret

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  • The Thing


  • Badlands


  • Bonnie and Clyde


  • Paula


Recent reviews

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    If we plan it well we can get Rachel Sennott ”your parents are upper middle class” line to screen at the Oscars

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    So cronenberg steps in with another bloody, sensual and arthouse film, in the development  of body, machine and biotechnology during the edge of the end of the world. 

    theres The criticism of the body aesthetics embedded by the new trendsetters in order to keep ourselves relevant in our environment. Nothing more sadistic than cutting, replace or puncture our bodies for the sake of art. But in its philosophy this is the reaction, the adaptation of how or bodies react to…

Popular reviews

  • Titane



    I went on this with absolutely no expectations and when I looked around I was on a heated roller coaster. Julia Ducournau brings back her perverse and simplistic vision to the screen just to make us question and feel under our skin whatever is there to crawl under our nails. 

    TITANE gives us a person (with no gender specified), who goes by as a broken child, a stripper, a serial killer and a fireman’s son. Once this journey takes off,…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    The first time I really felt the batman echoed his dark theme side was by Tim Burton’s hands. And now Matt Reeves pays an homage to that and also to the Batman games, from Arkham Asylum to Arkham Knight. The horror atmosphere is around every corner, either by it’s deranged-butchered-saw type of super villain or either by it’s gothic protagonist, the Bat himself.

    From the highest gothic tower upon the darkest city we have our emo vigilante (or hero?), and…