The Viewing

The Viewing ★★★★

"How did this motherfucker know I like lapsang souchong?"

"Thank you for the space cocaine, that was fucking incredible."

From the film grain, the late 1970s setting, to the score, this really feels like a Panos Cosmatos film (granted, I've only seen Mandy but not hard to tell he has a certain vibe). Aside from Graveyard Rats, which reminded me of Cube due to David Hewlitt's presence and its own labyrinthine setting, The Viewing is the only other film from Cabinet of Curiosities to really project its director's style and flare. Maybe increased familiarity with the other director filmographies would help, ie. the Ron Weasley episode didn't feel like a Twilight film but I have no clue.

Love the casting in this one with Eric André and Peter Weller standing out for this viewer. Weller in particular brings a certain presence/feel to his roles that I've always felt is unique to him. Kind of neat that he starred with Cosmatos the elder in 1989's Leviathan and hooks up with junior for this go round.

Easily my favourite of the series so far: the aesthetic, music, and cast are all great. Takes its time getting going but The Viewing has a goopy good final 10-15 minutes with a quality 'splosion that would makes Scanners proud.

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