Hereditary ★★★★½

"She wanted a boy..."

The mesmerizing speeches and little details entailing what exactly Hereditary stood for in this film was such an unsettling view for me now that I write this. You would immediately think the ending flies above you but it's got to be pure terror knowing what you've inherited is beyond dark. The intensity in every single aspect of this film immediately feels grueling within the first few scenes alone. The psychological horror here is touched strong in emotion and this film crashes a lot of aspects of trauma, mental health and death.

Action and symbolism was bigger than words here. The thrill and riveting knowledge how much the lineage was written before it's time. This film really gives you the coldest touch of insight how The Witch possessed it's old folktales and in a way this film breathes from all classic horror films as well but owns it's very destined treasure alone. Concepts of demon/hellish spirits realistically in actual tales for the practice is why I commend films like this that possessed so much of these things.

Overflowed greatness in scenery, performances and beyond disturbing with unnerving tendencies. This film felt extremely natural overall and not bizarre to say the least, we have Toni Collette brilliance and versatility with so much emotion and behaviors to thank for that. Her character alone transcends this film beyond measures.

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