The Guilty

The Guilty ★★★

I will say first that I am appreciative of getting a (mostly) one-setting scenario film, and even more appreciative that it stars Mr. Gyllenhaal himself. It was tense at times and Jake really has to be on top of this thing more than a normal starring actor. The film does some interesting victim ideas, or more like playing with our expectations of how most of us spot victims. The film goes by really quickly and just the idea of forcing us to work out these frightful situations behind a workstation and headset keeps the film engaging.

I can't draw relations between the original because I haven't seen it, but the b-story didn't really work. I saw it mostly like padding because they have to in order to make it feel like a feature. I definitely did not get behind the final resolution of the b-story, almost felt like a reaction to what happened last year. I get the idea behind it but to get the full meaning or weight to that situation, it would have been nice to see why Mr. Joe was in that situation to start with rather than just getting a sort of vague explanation of it, that really comes out of nowhere and it's in the middle of the emotional climax of the main story. It would have likely broken their one room/building location concept but that had zero impact on me. Not to mention the main character was frustrating at times. Mr. Joe calls himself an asshole at one point. He's aware of it so the film is *maybe aware of it, but still.

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