The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★½

Yep. 19 years old and a self acclaimed cinephile that hasn't seen The Godfather. Until today.

You know all the great stuff you've heard about this film? I'm going to say that right here <great stuff>. No need to write it all out though. But, I will say this: this is debated as the best movie ever made, and to me, this barely felt like a movie at all. It really didn't. I had to remind myself as the 3 hour runtime flew by that this wasn't some sort of high end documentary I was watching. I mean that in the best sense though; that this doesn't feel like a movie. There's no big 'movie' moment. I was thoroughly invested in the characters, the family, and what was going to happen to them like I was inside the family myself. And I mean that. I truly was invested unlike any other film in recent memory.

And you might ask 'Why no 5 stars?'. Well simply put, this didn't really impact me. It impacted me yes, but not as much as Inception or Whiplash. Sure those films really don't compare, but to me a 5 star film should be an epiphany. This is just the way I do it.

If everyone went out handing 5 stars to every film they watch then every movie would be special. And if every movie is special, that's a way of saying none of them are.

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