Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

A mystery was afoot when Mr. Rian Johnson appeared upon the screen before the film and told us all to check under out seats for posters. Ah, but posters there were not indeed!

We got them after.

It seems Johnson has found a great niche. It's a classic whodunnit setup but is told unlike any way I've seen. He manages to surprise and misdirect me at every turn. His writing really shines in this. He uses the genre to throw us off, classic Rian, but at the same time it's not. And it works. He's not trying to disrupt a genre this time.

The cast is absolutely fantastic. I was grinning ear to ear when they were all together. Jaime Lee Curtis on her feet pointing madly, then comes Michael Shannon yelling and hobbling around sounding like Will Ferrell in some parts somehow. Evans is a dick when you first meet him, then in an instant you empathize with him. I saw the trailer for this a long, long time ago so I forgot who else was in it. Lakeith fits in well. Don Johnson is captivating. Toni Collette is great. And Daniel Craig! His accent made me chuckle at first but it warmed up to me. But Ana de Armas is the main character. Great to see a hispanic female lead, even if the marketing didn't show it. They had to show off everyone that people knew I get it. But Ana and her big heart fit the character perfectly.

I made some misdirections above so don't read into it if you want to go in fresh. Johnson's writing is air tight. In a predictable genre, he always comes up with something new. And the whole thing has this air of self-awareness. Most of it is done subtly which I thought was great. The dialogue is so great too. Shannon yells about cookies.

The ending was very satisfying. Although, Johnson threw so much stuff in a matter of minutes it was nearly overwhelming. At times it felt like a rewatch wouldn't be garnered, but after it ended I for sure want to see it again. Great crowd.

It's funny, wholly entertaining film with an unforgettable cast.

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