24 male-type going to big-city film school. From the magical state called "Nebraska" directed by Alexander Payne.

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  • A Summer's Tale
  • Magnolia
  • Inception
  • Five Easy Pieces

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  • Scream VI


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  • Maude's Shoulder

    Maude's Shoulder

    My last short film I rightly so feel the proudest of because I think it is my strongest film in terms of theme. I TOTALLY stole from the father of French cinema Eric Rohmer and just rolled with the punches on my feelings with religion nowadays. Found some fantastic actors in Nebraska where it was shot and made ourselves an English-spoken French film.

    Just in case you missed the link at the top.

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  • Scream VI

    Scream VI


    You keep thinking this is going to be the one that stinks but they always pull it off. Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega are the main reasons I think but at a point I think it will get ridiculous. They’re all the same movie and they know it. But it’s like saying every movie ever made is the same. There’s different flavors and textures added or taken away to keep people coming back.

    I don’t know why I felt the urge to say more than, “I liked it.”

  • Castaways



    I was a PA on a reshoot day for this. I didn't realize this was stranded fan fiction.

    This feels like there's no script and I saw that in a good and bad way. Some scenes have a nice natural lingo and energy for them. But everything else is pretty awful. At least it's funny and awful.

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  • Whiplash



    Wasn't expecting this. I've seen it before, it just hit me hard this time. But I feel it's right. I know it's right.

    It's a movie about a drummer obsessed with perfection- and it's the best film of 2014 by far, one of the best films of the decade and, I dare say, ever made. The movie almost moved me to tears with overwhelming emotion- during a concert!

    I swear my 5 star deal is not a gimmick. I want…

  • mother!



    Undeniably strong performances.

    Undeniably well shot.

    Undeniably expert direction.

    Undeniably great sound design.

    Undeniably audacious.

    Whatever you have heard about this film, I think every single film lover needs to watch it. Even if you know you might not like it, or have heard terrible things about it- it's an experience I will never forget. Aronofsky flexes is auteur muscles the entire time. I don't have strong feelings about it as nearly everyone else, but the experience of it- it's like nothing I've ever seen. Truly.

    That's all I will say.

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