Blonde ★★

Ravishing in moments, genuinely unnerving in others, but beholds nothing much to think about or debate or consider deeply. Subtext is anathema to Dominik’s apparent mode of cinematic language, which is to have a naked person in crisis repeat whatever meaning is to be derived from every miserable second. Unpleasant because there is no pleasure in this world. Everything is surface, which is not an aesthetic. “This is a dream, only a dream,” Norma tells herself during her second forced abortion, then wakes up covered in blood moaning, “wow what a crazy dream I had.” When she can’t find her wallet, she wanders her house saying, “I can’t find my wallet” and “where could it be?” and “I can’t find my wallet, I misplaced it.” The JFK blowjob scene should be mocked on Tosh.0. Did JFK have a pringles can for a hog? Is Tosh.0 still on?

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