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  • Helter Skelter
  • Demons
  • 37 Seconds
  • Untamed Woman

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  • Possession


  • Julia's Eyes


  • Irezumi


  • Sleepless Night


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  • Black Mother

    Black Mother


    This was a whole experience! Nobody's doing work like Khalik Allah. Nobody. This is rare and immersive art that's as raw as it is precious. Goddamn, I loved this.

    Black Mother is Khalik Allah’s exploration of Jamaica (his mother’s homeland), and is something akin to a “visual diary” that features a diverse tapestry of beautiful Black folk (from children to sex workers to vendors, and many more) as well as a wide array of conversations that include discussions regarding common…

  • Carmen & Lola

    Carmen & Lola


    Carmela Y Lola is a perceptively tender tale about two teens who unwittingly embark on a thorny journey of love and liberation.

    Writer/director Arantxa Echevarria imbues this film with a palpable sense of authenticity that makes the viewing experience uncommonly precious. What a feature film debut!

    Top 7 reasons why I love and appreciate this movie:

    🔑 Defies the male gaze as well as effectively exposes/critiques repulsive patriarchal values, mores, and expectations that oppress girls/women. (Seriously, fuck the patriarchy.🖕🏿)


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  • Possession



    Welp, I've found another "classic" that doesn't work for me.

    Possession is trippy and bizarre and extraordinarily "extra" in ways that I think I needed to be on some great psychedelic drugs to actually appreciate.

    As it stands, I simply found this to be daffy, delirious, and extremely exhausting due to the endlessly absurd hysterics and hammy acting. By the halfway point, I began checking how much time was left about every 10-15 minutes, impatiently waiting for it to finally…

  • The Scarlet Camellia

    The Scarlet Camellia


    The Scarlet Camellia is a compelling revenge tale that eventually stitches a detective story into the primary vengeance narrative about halfway through.

    The premise is simple: Shino (portrayed by Shima Iwashita) is out for blood, hunting down all those whom she feels contributed to her father's premature death. Shino is cunning, able to both lure her marks into a false sense of security before exacting revenge as well as outfox officials investigating the string of murders.

    While never not compelling,…

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  • Malignant


    I think watching this shit stew gave me cancer.

    I'm too exhausted and too disinterested to parse why this didn't work for me. Instead, I will simply say that, for me, Malignant is a mind-numbingly idiotic campfest that's laughable and atrocious on every conceivable level.

    Are C-movies a thing? I don't want to disrespect B-movies. This had C-movie vibes.

    Ugh. Goddammit. I hate going to sleep right after having an unpleasant moviegoing experience. 😤😞

  • The Night House

    The Night House


    This is...fine. For me, The Night House "hits" with a pretty decent and atmospheric approach to the haunting/haunted house subgenre, but "misses" with its generally muddled narrative and underwhelming ending.

    Definitely leans more slow burn mystery than anything else. And the "thrills" mainly rely on jump scares (something I dislike), although I appreciate the creativity and work that goes into attempting to earn some of those scares.

    While it's well-made, well-performed (Rebecca Hall remains undefeated!), and comes with some imaginative…