The Room

The Room ½

"Gahhhhd...forhgive meh..." - Johnny

*slow clap* Wow...just...WOW. This film falls down in every area. The story is staggeringly terrible, every performance is stunted, the score is from an elevator muzak selection, the script is beyond bad and the continuity does not work on any level.
Lisa: "Do you want me to order a pizza?"
Johnny: "Whatever, I don't care..."
Lisa: "I already ordered a pizza!"

Yet, how is it so entertaining? It's bad beyond belief, and it goes past being 'so bad it's good', and past the nearest sun next to 'so bad it's terrible' and rides off into the sunset. So, what is it? I honestly don't know.

Tommy Wiseau should have made a career out of this. Like, a proper acting career. You know, get him to appear in stuff like The Expendables 2 (hey, Novak Djokovic made it, so why can't Wiseau?); pop up for a couple of seconds, kill someone, make a witty one-liner, completely murder its delivery and then get shot himself. I'd pay to see that in every movie.

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