Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne ★½

I greatly wish Alicia Vikander just kept her natural accent, because her attempts at an American accent were terrible. Decent performance otherwise!

I was actually genuinely enjoying this for the first 30-35 minutes — the motorcycle set-piece in particular is a highlight — before a certain story choice happens, which sums up the problems with this film: it’s mostly just a dull and trite retread further plagued by baffling story choices. For instance, why would you even kill off Nicky Parsons, let alone so early on in the film and in such a dissatisfying manner, when the dynamic between her and Jason Bourne is one of the many highlights of THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM and does absolutely nothing significant for the narrative at hand? Why would you make Bourne feel like an afterthought in his own film? Why would you include that dumb social media plot that goes nowhere? All what this really needed to be was Bourne and Nicky running from the feds through a bunch of chaotic set-pieces and that would’ve been more than satisfying enough, but it instead chooses to both overcomplicate itself and poorly retread elements of the first three films, only reminding the viewer how much better those are than this in the process. Worst of all, it’s just tiresome. I’ve been firmly of the belief that Paul Greengrass’s direction is a crucial element in what makes this franchise work, but with both Greengrass and editor Christopher Rouse taking on scripting duties for the first time in this franchise, it really highlights how much Tony Gilroy and co. were just as crucial. And save for the aforementioned motorcycle set-piece, even the action and filmmaking, while generally competent, are hardly ever captivating. My expectations for this were very low and I still ended up being hugely disappointed.

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