Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★★½

Absolutely fantastic, and big and dumb in the best ways. Both Adam Wingard’s best film since THE GUEST and *by far* the best entry in the MonsterVerse since Gareth Edwards’s masterpiece GODZILLA. Much like with KONG: SKULL ISLAND and GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS, this doesn’t really capture the scale of the monsters as well as GODZILLA did and the human stuff isn’t too great, but unlike the prior two MonsterVerse entries, the monster fights themselves are actually very well-directed, and interestingly so; nicely shot, spatially coherent, solidly edited, top notch sound design and VFX...these fights aren’t just pre-visualized to death like the fights in KONG and KOTM were. The fights here are very imaginative in their execution and presentation, resulting in fights that are genuinely exciting to watch. It also helps that the human stuff, while not exceptional, is at least coherent and actually drives the narrative forward. The bond between Jia and Kong does surprisingly work instead of feeling tacked on, and Kaylee Hottle — who is one of the three MVPs, the other two being Brian Tyree Henry and Rebecca Hall — does a good job selling it. Ben Seresin and Junkie XL also deliver the goods.

Overall, truly one of the most satisfying and well crafted tentpoles in recent memory, and everything it needed to be and more. Genuinely one of my favorite films of the year thus far.

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