Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★½

It screams Hallmark channel from the opening shot on and can’t (doesn’t try) to break free of the melodramatic shackles throughout the entire runtime.

Daisy Edgar-Jones is actually incredibly good in this. She’s required to say some truly atrocious things but she sells it all. Does she look like an outsider who would be shunned by the world around her? No. Do we ever even really see that happening to her character (Kya)? Also no. But this is Hallmark we’re talking it’s all glossy sheen and schlocky transitions even when it’s murder!

Newman’s direction is listless. The editing is dismal. The story (both script and novel) is outdated and trope filled. This does feel like a pretty respectful adaptation of the source material, but it squanders any opportunity to build, better or deepen that material (something it was in desperate need of in the first place).

It’s unfortunate because Edgar-Jones continues to turn in absolutely flawless work. Her big movie star moment has to be around the corner. She is a marvel!

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