The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

Have you ever watched a film, loved the ever loving Hell out of it for God knows how long, don't watch it for a long time, then all that love starts rushing back the moment you do?

That's what happened with this rewatch.

I haven't seen The Social Network in I don't know how long. I forgot just how much I loved it and how amazing it truly is. When it first came out, I remember watching it over and over again. Now I think of it, there was actually a point where it was my #1 favorite film of all time. I wouldn't be surprised if it makes it's way into that spot soon.

When this came out, everyone thought it would just be a stupid and simple Facebook movie. The words "stupid" and "simple" have never and probably will never be associated with a David Fincher film. Not only did he prove we should never underestimate a master in his craft, but despite making such superb classics as Fight Club, Se7en, and Zodiac...he's still able to surpass all of them with another masterpiece like this, his best film to date. Perfect shots and angles, spot on bleak atmosphere, suspense at all turns, great cinematography...what can I say? Fincher is the master. What really backs up his direction is Aaron Sorkin's crisp writing.

Sorkin has already been known as a pretty eloquent scriptwriter and this is easily his best work yet. He gives the audience an understanding of characters that should hard to connect with but he makes even the robotic and emotionless Mark Zuckerberg into a pretty sympathetic and even relatable character. The controversy behind the making of Facebook is filled with complexities and intrigue despite only about 5 years of history behind it at the time of release. Even understanding half of the story is probably falsified (though you never really know WHICH moments) it doesn't stop the thrill ride for a second. It's thrilling just to see these characters exchange dialogue. Even when you know exactly how things are gonna turn out, you have no idea where to go and that's all thanks to Sorkin's sophisticated sense of storytelling. Not just within the dialogue, but the underlying themes behind the film are used very well. What really makes the film complete are the powerhouse performances from the whole cast. And I do mean the whole cast.

No one expected Jesse Eisenberg, the guy infamous for always playing the awkward dweebish character (basically the carbon copy of Michael Cera), to turn in such an unbelievable performance. It's excellent to see him turn in such a well rounded performance. Cruel, yet sympathetic. Subtle. All of these among others can describe the man Zuckerberg is portrayed as and the performance Eisenberg brings. Justin Timberlake too is outstanding in the supporting role proving he really is the full package of this generation. No one knew who Andrew Garfield was at the time of release but he turns in an a brilliant performance that put him on everyone's radar. Armie Hammer is terrific; so great I didn't even realize the Winklevoss's were played by one guy. Even the smaller roles by the likes of Rooney Mara and Rashida Jones and Brenda Song (to name a few) are fantastic. Everyone is just a joy to watch work off of each other and exchange Sorkin's genius dialogue.

The Social Network...the film that perfectly defines an era.
The film no one expected to be a modern classic.

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