The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

On paper, "The Facebook Movie" looks and sounds like a dull terrible idea. The actual product, however, is a modern classic in the making. This may be a simple story, but it is developed in such a fascinating way.

The whole cast does a wonderful job. Jesse Eisenberg is amazing, gives an almost uncanny impression of Mark Zuckerberg, and proves he is'nt some carbon copy of Michael Cera but an actually talented actor finally given a moment to shine. Andrew Garfield steals every scene he is in. Armie Hammer gives a fantastic star making performance as both Winkelvoss Twins. Justin Timberlake is fantastic and charismatic to the core. David Fincher did an impeccable job directing. This film is superbly written. The fast well delivered dialogue enhances the interesting plot.

This is not just film about facebook, but it is a compelling narrative of the loss of friendship and how money and power corrupts us and leads us to betrayal. A masterpiece.

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