Halloween ★★★★★

I remember when I was a little kid and I was trick or treating with my mom, some friends, and some cousins. We were all in between 6 and 9 with me being 7. We were at this one house and I look across the street and I see who I thought was Michael Myers. I know I should have known it was just some guy in a costume, but I was 7, naive, and didn't know any better. Plus, this guy was just as tall, if not taller, as Michael and did the exact same head tilt thing Michael always did so I was convinced this was the real deal. I was still having nightmares from this movie given I saw it for the first time that same year so I was pretty scared shitless. The guy started walking toward the house we were at and I screamed at the top of my lungs...
"Hey it's Michael Myers! EVERYBODY RUN!!!"
We all screamed as loud as we could and ran across the street as fast as we could with my mom thinking this was all pretty fucking hysterical.

Then the guy came to the house, took of his mask, and, I shit you not, looked exactly like this.

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