The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★½


There's no question that The Social Network is addictive. A sheer dopamine rush from beginning to end. The feeling you get from it is practically self-consuming. Watching this movie, you're "wired in." While Aaron Sorkin's script is rooted in traditional moralistic viewpoints that aim for an examination of young wealth in a fast developing digitized landscape, a cautionary tale of lost friendships and ruined souls, David Fincher's outlook is much different. In his mind, many of the usual social structures are now passé. What we view as betrayal or theft is just another step to a level of success that was unattainable until now, technology being a whole other frontier of individual achievement, of defining one's life by your own actions and no one else's. Arrogance that Sorkin is repulsed by and Fincher, if not quite sold on Mark Zuckerberg's actions, finds commonality in an asshole that will stop at nothing to do things *his* way. Searching for his own future. That these threads are weaved within Fincher's pop aesthetic (Jeff Cronenweth operating as his DP for the first time since Fight Club is key) while Sorkin's dialogue is operating at times in tandem and in other moments conflicting the visual language of Fincher's authorial control is so brilliant. Too bad both artists end up succumbing to the Great Man biopic template here and there, but it's a necessary evil with the material.

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