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This review may contain spoilers.

The Master is incredible. When I first saw it, the ending brought be to tears; yet, I didn't even know what the film was about. The Master could be a stream of images and sounds, designed to evoke reactions from the viewer. The Master could be about how a wounded animal learns to accept who he is. The Master could be a love story of two individuals that are drawn to one another. The master could be about a stray dog, longing for a "master". Whatever The Master is about, all I know is that it was the greatest film of 2012 and that it's one of the greatest films ever made. It's a PTA film, what do you expect?

The Awesome; The breathtaking cinematography. The breathtaking cinematography. The breathtaking cinematography. It's so good it deserves to be mentioned three times. The mood and picture draws the viewer into its unusual world, bringing texture and depth to staggering levels. The acting. Oh my word. The acting. Mr. Phoenix, how do you do it? How do you make such an outstanding character full of passion and anger? It's easily one of the top 10 greatest performances EVER. Yes. EVER. Mr. Hoffman (RIP) is just as good, bringing a charismatic and stern cult leader to life with beauty and charm. The images in this film are SEARED into your conscious, Freddie laying next to a woman made of sand. Two lost souls smoking a cigarette. My personal favorite is those same men in separate jail cells, yelling obscenities at each other, realizing that no matter how close they are, they will never be more distant.

The Terrible: It's a tough nut to crack. It's opaque, dense, metaphorical, dark, disturbing, long. Yet, none of those are actual flaws, only attributes that could negatively affect some viewers' experience of the film.

Overall, The Master is simply a giant feat in film-making. It's fresh, inventive, beautiful, classy and moving. What more could you want?

Favorite Moment: The Balloon Story, how can a single moment bring both chills and tears? Paul Thomas Anderson, thank you.

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