The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★


"Just wasn't enough time, Michael. Wasn't enough time."

What a marvelous 4K restoration. Shout-out to the archivists and preservationists who worked to bring this classic to such a high level of detail and fidelity. As for the film itself, you know what it is, and if you don't, now is as good of a time as any to wander into its tapestry of family legacy. Here are two of my favorite scenes: I adore the dissolve from Vito laying in bed, hearing the news about Michael's violent indoctrination into the family business, to the vistas in Sicily. The grandeur and passage of time conveyed in a single transition is remarkable. And the moment where Vito slowly wanders out of the room and up the stairs after hearing about Sonny's death - Marlon Brando's performance, as much as it's been parodied, is beyond effusive praise. Physical and lived-in.

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