Sick ★★★★


This goes without saying, but Sick could've used the slapstick brutality of Wes Craven to push its slasher extremities over the edge. I miss that man. No matter, genre handyman John Hyams is more than capable of picking up the pieces and leaving his own killer sensibility on screen. Kevin Williamson and Katelyn Crabb's script may falter in fully exploring the anger and confusion of April 2020, but this movie is one long vicious suspense exercise, and it rules. Hyams takes the set-up and runs (scratch that: *sprints*) with it, resulting in a horror picture that barely slows down once the chess pieces are in place. The middle-third left me breathless, with brutal, exasperating chase scenes and an effortless sense of geography. It helps that Crabb and Williamson's sense of characterization is still as strong as ever, even with a gen-z focus. Can't believe this got dumped on Peacock. It would've absolutely shredded with a crowd.

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