Rear Window ★★★★★

Like L.B. Jefferies, you can't help but look. The cinema, in a nutshell, is a voyeuristic lifestyle. Every time those lights go down, every time new characters are introduced, and every time a frame does by; the collective audience is being drawn deeper into another world. In the best movies, you feel different and you know more about the world as the final shot rolls around.

Rear Window, one of Alfred Hitchcock's finest works, is an utterly incredible tale of voyeurism in miniature. Every open window in the blistering apartment complex that Hitchcock's camera resides in leads to another character, another emotion, another scene, and another mystery. The suspense, the humor, the direction, the music, gorgeous Grace Kelly, James Stewart as a lovable asshole; It's a wonderful example of how great the movies can be, and like all great artists, Hitchcock questions our fascination while simultaneously reveling in the contained insanity.

And yet, as those house lights came up (this recent viewing was a theatrical rerelease), I felt as satisfied as every other audience member, politely applauding as we walked out into the night. More than ever before, sometimes you can't help but look.

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