Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★½


Just horrendous. These great actors are nothing but mouthpieces for Sam Levinson's pretentious musings on film criticism (which in 2021 is irrelevant anyway) and self-importance in their professional lives. Often strives for theatricality, as seen with the smoking/bathroom breaks between the action (ie: the arguing), but the writing fails to keep up. John David Washington and Zendaya are doing all the heavy lifting because the screenplay struggles to provide interest. We hardly learn anything about why these two are together, or why they're so determined to push forward with the relationship. And so much of Malcolm's toxicity is viewed as a by-product of his genius. Boring! Empty! Who cares! You don't need to watch this, the discourse is already over.

I do wonder if this will be a new genre, though. "Getting a bad review from Indiewire and then making a movie response to it."