Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne ★★½


Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon are back with a new Bourne movie, and this time, they brought Topical issues!

Although the action is looser and more defined, resulting in a less visceral feel (a core component of Greengrass's other two outings), and the story is fabricated out of thin 'Greatest Bourne Hits' slices, Jason Bourne is mostly fine, supporting solid performances which sell some of the drama when it isn't relegated to a computer monitor. The first act riot sequence in Greece is an all-timer Bourne set-piece, toppling character after character into a pan of sizzling tension obscured by smoke, flares, and police presence. A brutal confrontational fight scene involving a cooking pot was fun, as was the scene where Bourne practically snags a tote bag of tech gadgets (they should've put a 'take one' sign on the front but then otherwise Bourne might've taken the whole bowl) to spy on the situation. A lot of the final act reminded me of Dumb and Dumber To, strangely enough.

I like Bourne movies when they're abstract, feverish, perposterous at heart, so when most of it is a boring, flabby snore, it's a real problem. Damon, as haunted and distant as he is here, has no presence beyond physical stature, so you never feel like Bourne is a threat, a menace, or on top of his game (although he undoubtedly is). This is stripped down filmmaking with all the necessary pieces ready to please, but the thrill is gone. It isn't very good, but Bourne knocks a guy out by slamming a metal door into his head.

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