Jackass Forever

Jackass Forever ★★★★½


Jackass is a way of life, an ethos, an eternal spirit flying high after being shot out of a cannon. Icarus soaring in flight only to crash head first into a lake. It's about close encounters with wild animals and wicked variations of penis mutilation. Best friends supporting each other, laughing together, hooting and hollering through the pain and humiliation. The sense of community is so palpable. No matter if you're an day one fan or a newbie, Jackass is here to make you cackle with glee. Johnny Knoxville and the other pros welcome a team of fresh faces, and new pranks find their place alongside classic (updated) gags. It's hysterical, joyous, life-affirming. And the stunts are, of course, almost completely unbelievable and insane. I can't even fathom having the courage to do some of the shit on display.

Watching Jackass Forever with a crowd - what a tonic. I feel spiritually cleansed.

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