Halloween ★★★★★


"John Carpenter’s Halloween and its subsequent franchise is no stranger to my writing or my personal cinematic experience. Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, or maybe a blessing in disguise, I never can really tell. All I know is that I feel it in the air and the autumn season like no other movie, and the series calls to me predictably, expectedly, like a countdown clock. Since I was nine years old stumbling out of a Family Video with the pumpkin-cover VHS that I had been eyeing since I was four (major thanks to a friend’s brother for their carelessness as an employee), excitement and curiosity turned to many sleepless nights drifting into nightmares, and terror morphing back into adoration and love. It was the essence of the cinematic experience: a film that is feared and yet spoken with high regard (Roger Ebert’s quote on the front was such a high recommendation at the time), and one that I felt resonated with my love of fall."

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