Halloween ★★★★★

Halloween is just flawless. It's a shoe-string classic, employing the classical techniques of a simple story, visual excellence, and to-the-point moviemaking in order to dig into something more sinister and ominous. John Carpenter's finest achievement rips into you, both as a shocking suspense vehicle and as a tangible exposure of suburbia in a state of sexual slumber. Jamie Lee Curtis lights up the screen as the typical virgin being forced to release her insecurities against an omnipresent violation; a shape that has no defined texture or any trace of humanity. However, that emptiness contributes even further to a sense of hometown nostalgia; that blank face couldn't feel more familiar.

As the film reaches its apocalyptic conclusion, one can't help but feel like this is the pinnacle of horror cinema. It's certainly my favorite piece of horror, as it's a nightmare that is both classy and finely orchestrated. The scares, the laughs, the atmosphere; Halloween works its magic on me during every single rewatch. And I've probably seen it about 100 times. Go figure.

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