Blood Tea and Red String ★★★


Very strange. Not entirely sure if it's fully successful, but it's memorable for every second of its 71-minute run-time. Very much a hand-made stop motion film, it's somehow even more overtly surreal than something like the Quay brothers would craft. So inventive in depicting weird, fucked up fairy-tale imagery. The social messaging is also quite strong, and just as carefully designed as the physicality of the stop-motion. Production of this film spanned over 13 years, and it shows in every frame. Obviously not as professionally measured as a company like Laika, this instead offers a personal quality, that the vision on screen is entirely the design of director Christiane Cegavske. I do feel that the narrative is stretched a bit thin, and it could've possibly functioned better as a forty minute short, but what we have is indelible and haunting all the same.