Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise ★★★★★


An elusive memory, half-remembered. Gestures lose their movement and words vanish across space in an instant. Imbued with such affection for the process of falling in love that represented moments become vividly true in their hesitancy and underlying adoration. Linklater has never made a film, before or since, that's more phantasmal; you can feel the history of countless couples walking in similar paths - strolling down winding Vienna side-streets in the early morning, reconciling present with past and future - and willingly committing to the presence of another who they're just so goshdarned enthralled with. It's both one-of-a-kind and primordial, and Linklater shape-shifts it into a fairy-tale; a film of mellow light and twirling feeling, two souls dancing and inching their way closer like magnets. Talk, talk, talk, walk, walk, walk, love, love, love. A pattern and a feeling that I'm proud to keep within my heart.

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