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Interconnected humanism. Arguably Cameron's strongest in regards to his immaculate blend of tech fetishes, romantic sweep, high-concept ideas, and classical structure/discipline. A big brain and brawn and heart collage, and just plain ravishing adventure. Cameron is a pro at basic, fundamental mechanics; fluid, gripping, efficient exposition, gradual succession of set-piece intensity, sturdy characterization, and mixes of genre. "It's just Pocahontas!", they say. Excuse me, but does your precious Pocahontas (ignoring the common knowledge and reliance on the mythic idea of the 'hero's journey' for centuries) have giant-bowie-knife-wielding-mech-suits battling alien creatures? Or massive native arrows plunging through mean little men as they desperately try to uphold their capitalistic escapade? Or dragons, connected and controlled through nature's constant flourishing shared energy, tag-teaming future-helicopters so they go boom boom against the sides of floating mountains? Or an entire fabricated language? Or a planet of complete transcendence
due to peerless conceptual design, detail, movement, and vitality? Or computer-generated effects which, 8 years on, still melt the mind? Just *look* at the moment where an alien and a human touch each other for the first real, actual time, and the texture, care, delicacy in not just the scene, but the composition itself! Cameron builds action and conflict around character, and yet, it only helps that he's still the finest craftsman in the business. No blockbuster, before or since, looks or sounds as refined, bombastic, and studied as this one. There's endless motion and acrobatic grace in how the Navi dance across the frame, and it's never chopped up to bits. Cameron lets you see it all. And what a sight. Seamless, magnificent spectacle, and one of the greatest films in the history of the cinema.

P.S - For all you 'filmBros' out there, this "forgotten" movie sure gets shit on a lot by you, and yet you're still talking about it. Hmmm.

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