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  • The Amazonian Angel
  • Labyrinth of Dreams
  • The Cherry Tree with Gray Blossoms
  • Love & Pop

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  • Malignant

  • Why Not: A Serenade of Eschatological Ecology

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  • The Birds Sang in a Tranquil Place

    The Birds Sang in a Tranquil Place

    when you want to help others,
    you realize that you will sometimes suffer losses.

    i cannot help but be charmed by vietnamese films
    because i'm aware they can sometimes look amateurish
    due to how not everything looking skillful in editing,
    acting, and directing. but despite that, i still adored
    everything about this film. it has a unique narrative, the
    color palette is alluring, and the overall feeling is pleasant.

    i'm looking forward to watching more vietnamese films.

  • Heaven Is Still Far Away

    Heaven Is Still Far Away

    ‟there is a heaven above these clouds.
    it's not that i doubt it.
    but i can't leave here yet.
    heaven is still far away.

    a ghost narrative that felt realistic and delicate ; the
    protagonists are haunted by their past, in both literal
    and metaphorical ways. the story and the naturalness
    of their conversations were structured so well that it
    offered a pleasant cinematographic composition.

Popular reviews



    a poetic journey and exploration of time passing,
    filled with dreamlike skies that felt surreal and
    endless upon gazing at them - making this film
    unforgettable and deeply therapeutic for me.

    i will forever live vicariously through yamazaki's
    beautifully rendered skies. . .



    why do you lie to me?

    a film that sets you adrift in a headspace of beauty
    and darkness. the effortlessly blend of grain with a
    full spectrum of hues, tints, and colors that make you
    feel and experience the unstable emotions from the
    characters, who remain adrift in enduring thought
    loops that only lead to their irrevocable self-destruction.