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  • Red Beard

    Red Beard


    The virgin samurai sword flicks vs. the chad Akira K(arl Marx)osawa period.

    Nah, I love sixties Kurosawa's turn towards class issues, but this was a rather laborious watch. Starts off very strong, but the final hour's moralising didn't really land for me. Felt a bit simplistic. I'm all for the idea of a community mosaic kinda piece, but this shoots off on so many tangents that it had me wondering why the film is called Red Beard at all -…

  • Repulsion



    It's very difficult to praise this as the viscerally effective genre film that it is when everybody knows exactly why the director had such an intricate understanding of rape culture and trauma. It made me sick to my fucking stomach, to be honest.

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  • Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins


    Nasty, capitalist bullshit, in which the only escape from patriarchal oppression is through an establishment-planted narcissist, who provides escapism and fantasy on the sole condition of subservience and labour exploitation. The only real workers in the film, the uhh, "servants", serve only as punching bags, and the stereotypical Bad Father faces no consequences for his behaviour, as the familial status quo is quietly restored. Its thinly veiled attempts at satire are nauseating - this is very much "safe" viewing for the neglected children of elitist Etonians. That being said, Julie Andrews could kinda like, get it, and the film suffers for every minute she's missing.

  • Parasite



    Black and white version on the rewatch, still slaps. Adds so much in terms of texture and in a way, cruelty - events seem so detached in monochrome. Only ambiguity in this version is a hot sauce scene which relies on blood red, which could’ve easily been HP broon sauce or even mayonnaise to the first time viewer. Seriously though, as perfect a piece of cinema as we’ve seen this century. The editing and pacing of the peaches sequence is really…