Favorite films

  • Tenebre
  • Umberto D.
  • Rosemary's Baby
  • North by Northwest

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  • Bluebeard


  • The Laughing Woman


  • Rapture


  • Scream


Recent reviews

  • An Imperfect Murder

    An Imperfect Murder

    Painfully poor. If wasn’t for a scene with the great Charles Grodin, the rating would have been even lower.

  • Difendimi dalla notte

    Difendimi dalla notte

    I normally don’t write reviews of a film I’ve only seen without subtitles. Too much is lost on me as a viewer, but considering there are no reviews available for Difendimi dalla notte, I felt it’s in the interest of public service to write at least a few words about it. 

    I don’t consider myself a fan of Claudio Fragasso. From what I’ve seen of his work, he tends to lean to a more commercial (some would say trashier) strand…

Popular reviews

  • Man on the Roof

    Man on the Roof


    Few films have been as instrumental in forming my love of cinema as Mannen på taket. I was far too young to see it when it premiered in 1976 but I’ve got vivid memories of being fascinated by the crashed helicopter on top of the marquee at the cinema Spegeln. Photo here: tinyurl.com/ocf5okw

    I first saw it in 1984 when it was broadcast on Swedish tv. My parents wouldn’t let me see the first five minutes and I can certainly…

  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    I can’t remember if I’ve ever gone back to the cinema for a second viewing of a film the day after I first saw it. I don’t think so. But I couldn’t get The Neon Demon out of my head. I just had to go back and see it a second time.

    Nicholas Winding Refn’s take on a horror film starts off feeling like it was going to be one of his more accessible films, but it veers off into…