Women Talking

Women Talking ★★★★½

Women Talking never shows the men. Rather than being a revenge tale in which the women inflict violent retribution on their attackers and abusers, the film never even regards the men as subjects. Rather than being mere vessels of vengeance, the story follows the women as they figure out what's best for themselves, always focused on the effect of their decision on themselves in a way that totally disregards the effect on the men. I was nervous about the color grading that looks really ugly in the trailers, but luckily this is a film and not a trailer, and the aesthetic and texture is actually necessary and good and complements the movie really effectively. With a color grading that feels ancient, it's a consistent culture shock every time the viewer is reminded that this abhorrent medieval barbarism is depressingly timeless. The screenplay and direction are profoundly nuanced and mature in their approach in a way that feels increasingly rare and evermore impactful. Walked out of the theater in a daze.

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